I overlook the complete production process and am also involved in the creative development. I arrange everything from crew to location, while managing the budget. 

 Based on an idea or a briefing I join the part where we come up with the direction, while also arranging the shoot. I'm the creative and productive support for writers, directors and editors.


Launching their new drink Finley, the Coca Cola Company was looking for a fresh campaign. 

These visuals are part of a social media content strategy. With my team I came up with the concept and ran production and post. 


Road trip with a MINI Countryman, this journey made for some real life survival.

I wrote the script, directed and produced two adventures: to Sweden and Austria. Check out the videos. 


ASICS' Human Resources department was looking for a video to attract employees.

At the same time I worked on a global strategy for the marathons that are sponsored by the sports brand.


Catching the lives of several party kids traveling to Bulgaria's Sunny Beach.

Two different companies with different strategies, a nice experience in shooting 'on the go'.


One huge house, children and a crew of 35. Oh, did I mention this was a virtual reality shoot? 

Totally different workflow from other film projects, I overlooked the complete production: from concept to delivery. 


Developed and produced several music videos for great Dutch artists. 

Great way of exploring my passion for music videos, as you can see here. Looking to do more videos like this.  


A typically Dutch commercial to go with your typically Dutch cookie. 

WIth 30 locations, more than 50 extra's and 5 days of shooting, this was my first ever television-commercial. 


Focussing on innovation, Shell collaborated with Toyota for their water fuel car. 

Producing videos in which the experience is leading, for two different platforms - shot documentary style.